About Us

• Fresh milk and the best secrets handed down from generation to generation have a primary role for us. In fact we use production methods that do not alter the natural properties in order to protect the health of the client. We follow a very long and laborious manual work in order to obtain products with the flavors and aromas of the past.

• We select only the milk that you would give to young children, a fresher, tastier, more nutritious and more digestible milk. We think there is much difference between milk from intensive factory farming and milk that comes from free-range animals grazing in the mountains, where you can breathe fresh air, feeding on clover, meadow flowers and drinking uncontaminated water ... to be able to enjoy a delicious fuscella ricotta, creamy slow-fermentation yogurt, or a cheese that fully involves all the senses.

We offer:

  • Products that are always fresh, with natural processing
  • More than 100 special products
  • Processed products made by hand every day
  • A place that is always open, where you can enjoy simple and delicious traditional specialties

Our desire is to engage the customer with handmade dairy products following the best Italian historical traditions. In a world where hectic pre-packaged and standardized industrial production are increasingly dominating, we have decided to work with passion for quality and authenticity without compromise.

We follow the traditional Italian recipes to make products from yesterday. This is why our job is so wonderful!