Our History

In June 2011, we opened a small dairy in Perugia in a charming historic building in the heart of Ponte San Giovanni that we renovated and divided into a small laboratory for the manufacture of artisanal cheese, some specific spaces for seasoning, and a shop in which to sell products while being able to see the production through a window.

We did not know what the reaction of our first customers would be, but we knew with absolute precision how would our products would be:

  • always fresh, made every day by hand in front of customers,
  • always very good, because they are made naturally, without the use of chemical additives,
  • With many blemishes, because we have never favored the aesthetics of a product if it is a detriment of the health of our customers.

Before opening we wondered if customers would appreciate the fact that our fresh mozzarella should be eaten the same day or at the most the next day, and that they would not be preserved for long because we did not use any coloring or preservative or if customers would be pleased when they learned about the daily variability of our products, because using only natural products the inherent characteristics of the product are not altered.

The results have been outstanding since the beginning: the shop is always crowded with customers excited to rediscover the genuine flavors of the past now abandoned at the expense of perfect shapes, bright colors, long shelf-life, and increasingly uniform and standardized flavors.

Our customer appreciation has led us to a detailed study of the ancient recipes from all parts of Italy, to discover the flavors and dairy traditions of the past now forgotten by many and unknown to most.

And so began an Italian story ...