Everything is born from the desire to create the perfect cappuccino, starting with the milk.

Thus was born our cappuccino ... from our own fragrant milk, artfully assembled and combined with a perfect blend of coffee and know-how. The cappuccinos are made with our milk, cow's milk or buffalo milk whenever possible, and only 100% Arabica coffee. After much study and many trials, we were able to create a unique creamy taste, unprecedented for a cappuccino, which amazes even the most refined. Our results were also recognized by Illy, the world famous coffee company, which has given us their highest accolade and awarded us the nationally recognized “Artists of Taste”, which is given to a small number Illy customers. In Illy’s words: "... an Artist of Taste has to offer passion, dedication and expertise in the art in order to impress customers ... where art and science meet espresso ... The perfect cup is a must”.

And then, as a perfect marriage to a cappuccino from Ferretti, placed side by side with cakes, tarts and cannoli made with our fresh ricotta, Maritozzi cream, Torcoli with our yogurt and many other sweet and savory delicacies.