Fresh milk, the main ingredient in ice cream, seems to have disappeared from the list of ingredients in a growing number of ice cream parlors. Now strange ingredients such as monodiglycerides, lycopene, chlorophyll, carotene, carrageenan, guar gum, sodium alginate, etc etc. appear and "E" in the book of the ingredients of the ice cream began to be many. Who uses these in semi-high-doses minimizes the work because, by simply adding the product to water and transferring the mixture into ice cream machine, you get an ice cream that is ready to be displayed in the window ... And we thought that you made the ice cream with milk, cream, sugar, eggs, cocoa and fruit where necessary ...

Tired of the usual ice cream tastes being more and more equal to each other, and increasingly alienated from natural flavors, we set off on an ambitious new project to produce an ice cream ... in our own way!

The goal we set ourselves was to only use available raw materials, without adding anything else other than passion for amazing ice cream and for all Italian food. Working with our fantastic milk, we created a creamy, soft and flavorful ice cream like no other.

Along the way, we have ignored the warnings of those advising us to give up, because "you have to use preservatives" ... and fortunately we have held true to our ideas: our ice cream finally began to take shape as we had always dreamed! The choice not to use thickeners, emulsifiers and flavors, and prepare the ingredients on their own as they did in the past, to accompany the magical ice cream with delicious wafer or waffle cones, or paper cups with spoons that are entirely environmentally friendly and sustainable. It is exciting, but we have to admit it requires a lot of commitment and daily effort!